Loose Joints:

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  • a London based publisher and design studio dedicated to exploring progressive approaches to image making in book form

Founded in 2015 by Lewis Chaplin and Sarah Piegay Espenon

Studio 1.6
180 Ilderton Road
SE15 1NT

+44(0)7920 729 195

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LJ42 Oliver Griffin Demonstrations of Patterns in Flow
LJ51 Harley Weir Paintings
LJ29 Samara Scott
LJ56 Stuart Whipps A System For Communicating With The Ghost Of Sir Christopher Wren
LJ43 Sean Vegezzi DMYCC
LJ49 Bharat Sikka
LJ55 Bobby Doherty Seabird
LJ38 Sarah P-Espenon Sea of Tranquility